2021 - Awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) 
2020 - Awarded my EFIAP/Platinum from FIAP
2019 - Awarded my EFIAP/Gold from FIAP
2018 - Awarded my EFIAP/Silver from FIAP 
2017 - Awarded my EFIAP/Bronze from FIAP
2016 - Awarded my EFIAP (Excellence) from FIAP in 2011.
2015- Awarded my AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) 
2015 - Photographer of the Year in Malahide Camera Club 
2015 - IPF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (!) in the Irish Photographic Federation Annual Portraiture competition.  
2014 - Awarded an Associateship of the Irish Photographic Federation (AIPF)  
2013 - Best Colour Image & Best Projected Image in IPF Dublin & South Leinster
2011 - Awarded a Licentiateship of the Irish Photographic Federation (LIPF)
2004 - Worst ever 1st image in Malahide Camera Club :) 
I hope the last line makes you laugh and also give anyone hope that every journey starts with a small step.  Since that fateful image in October 2004, with a bit of work and practice, I now achieved the above international Distinctions and Accreditations but also 
2 FIAP Blue Badges as Best Photographer in an International Salon (competing against hundreds of other photographers worldwide). 
170+ awards in international competitions (FIAP Salons).
30+ Gold Medals for the best image in a category in a FIAP Salon.