Thanks for stopping by. 
I am an amateur photographer based in Malahide, Ireland.  The best authors tend to say that they spend their time "between" places.  So, in my case, it's Malahide and Salzburg. However, Dunmore East and Venice are the places I dream about.
I have managed to develop from having possibly the worst ever first photograph in my local camera club to an international award winning photographer.  Along the way, I have made fantastic friends and had some great laughs. For me, the craic is more important than the competitions. 
I've judged and spoken at camera clubs more than a hundred times now and no one has fallen asleep yet!  Most of them even ask me back!  
I work in the financial services sector but if I ever win the Lotto, which I best enter so, I will be found at the side of of field photographing any sport that can be photographed. Ideally it would be hurling or rugby.
All the images on the website are available to purchase, Please use the Contact page to send me a message and we can take it from there. 
Thanks to Bryan for the photograph of me at the top of the page.